Wednesday, December 12, 2007

"Vintage Newspaper Ads-O-Rama!"

From the darkest depths of the Geektarded Periodicals Department and right in time for Christmas comes:

"Vintage Newspaper Ads-O-Rama!"
Children's Palace

The first CP ad for Omaha, NE

A trio of ad pages from the last day the Omaha CP store was opened. This was Easter Sunday. On Monday, the store never reopened, the staff was informed that morning they were out of work and the store stock was packed up and shipped to other locations. The end of a legend (at least in my mind)


Evil King Macrocranios said...

I love these old ads. I also totally love how in the first ad Astrotrain, one of the most complicated Transformers ever, gets all three modes correctly transformed for his picture but then they totally bone the motorized Voltron lion in the second ad. Boy that looks horrible, like some sort of sunken faced robot zombie man with melting withered limbs and a gigantic schlong. What were they thinking? What horribly twisted mind could possibly assume that that's the correct way to display that toy?

And that last ad with the scary prices on the consoles makes me wonder how video games ever took off. $200 for a Sega Genesis? Holy crap what is that in today's dollars? Like $500? The PS3 is a steal by comparison.

Lady Jaye said...

All videogame systems cost an arm and a leg upon their launch (and I don't mean the higher-than-usual priced consoles like the Neo Geo and the 3D0). If you convert the launch prices to today's dollars, you realize that the PS3 and Xbox 360's launch prices were pretty much on a par with past trends.

Oh, and there's something so amateurish about those old ads with bad pics or line drawings that only look worse when printed on newspaper... It has a certain charm, I gotta admit (makes me wanna go to TRU this weekend, or at least the toy aisle at Wal-Mart).