Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Drinky McDrink-Drink, Christmas-style

The holidays go hand and hand with limited, overpriced novelty beverages. Coke has put out a retro-style holiday 6-pack in the style of the 1899 Coke bottles. The old botles make you feel like you're having a cold one in the old west after a long trip on the iron-horse. Coke and Christmas go hand and hand. Santa drinks it for goodness sake.

Our other christmassy beverage is Jones' Candy Cane. It's actually pretty darn good. It's tasty and mild with no wacky aftertaste. It's like an open mouthed kiss with Cand-Lor, the monster made of candy. And if you want to spicy up the night, you can try the offical Geektarded Christmas Drink...

"The Ralphie"
1 bottle of Jones Cola "CANDY CANE"
1 1/2 - 2 shots of Rum
1 glass with cartoon or comic character
Add Some crushed ice and drink libberally.

After a few, you'll look like this:


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