Friday, December 21, 2007

Mongomery Ward Christmas Wishbook 1985 pt1

There's a ton of stuff to scan, so this will be spread over a couple of posts.

1985, probably the greatest year since the concept of years was created. And the year shines in the '85 Montgomery Ward Christmas Catalog.

I've said it before, these layout are marvelous. They're not just selling a toy, they're selling a lifestyle. You can eat, breath, sleep, and crap Masters of the Universe or M.A.S.K., etc. Pure heaven.

She-Ra. I admit it. I like She-Ra. I wanted the toys as a kid to go with my Masters figures (never got any, though). I watched the cartoon. I saw Secret of the Sword. I'm not ashamed, damn it! I like Jem too...

Now to butch it up a bit with some He-Man.

Poor kid's uptight mom makes him sleep on the floor so he won't mess up the new He-Man bedding.

M.A.S.K. Again, kids forced to sleep on the floor. That, or he's spending the night at a ghost-boy's house...

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