Sunday, December 30, 2007

Moments of Deliciousness coming to Geektarded

One of the main reasons the Geektarded blog was launched was so I would have a home for my "Moments of Deliciousness" comic book. From the get-go I had planned to send out finished work to publishers, but since creating the blog and seeing that it's getting some hits and growing a bit, I've decided to go the route of publishing the comic online.

Group shot

"Moments of Deliciousness" is a comedic anthology starring a trio of college students, Shitboy, Birch and Fat Herbert. All 3 are roommates attending good 'ole State U, home of the "Fighting Generics".

Shitboy is basically the jerkiest jerk in the world.

Birch is our hero. A geeky, fine arts major obsessed with comics, action figures and the like.

and Fat Herbert is an unstoppable force of nature; heir to the Midwest's largest fast food chain, "Burger CHUD".

It's a world where anything goes; everything from zombies, "Happy Puppy", and homeless robots, to "Corpsey the Friendly Ghoul", superheroes and "Gaping Head-Wound Baby".


Here's a colored preview page of the first strip, to give an idea of the style of the comic.

Most stories will be short and run anywhere from comic strip size to 1-3 pages; on occasion they will be comic book length.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy this sneak preview. I will start labeling the posts and you will be able to access all the comics by using the "Moments of Deliciousness" or "Comic" link on the right hand side.

More to come


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