Sunday, March 29, 2009

The Wrath of Con

Yesterday, some friends and I took it on the road to Kansas City (specifically Overland Park) for Planet ComicCon. For us Midwestern Plains-types, this is probably the biggest Con in the area and it's always a good time. We did have one factor against us, a big 'ole snowstorm heading towards KC.

Our wheelman, Robb.

The Gang that Couldn't Sit Straight. Tracie, Monty and Tim.

Mound City for gas, snacks and...

A Major Award. "Robot Converters" from the "Energy Club"...huh? Basically it's a handless Optimus Prime, with Inferno's head. Top it off with some in-pack Laffy Taffy, Sweet Tarts and Smarties and you got a souvenier, baby!

We faced some icy roads on the way in and there were probably a dozen cars off the road on the last 8 miles of the trip in.

And we're here! There was a nice, big crowd, lots of dealers and celebrity guests and some excellent costumes.

Alien posing for photos.

Kick-ass Iron Man Mark I armor! I actually thought thay had a movie prop on display until I walked up to snap a pic and the armor started walking towards me.

Leaving and the snow hits the fan

The roads out of KC were terrifying. Lots of clinching and gallows humor. But once out of KC it cleared off and was smooth sailing the way home.

Got some great deals. Cheap trades...

Tons of 25 cent comics from a place called "Clint's Comics" (If I remember correctly). Tons of new and old stuff, most in excellent condition. I coulda came home with a couple of longboxes easily if common sense hadn't stepped in.

Great toys too. Snagged some reproduction Star Trek Megos, some loose JLU animated villians, a Jack Kirby Orion figure and a couple of DC classics.

Another excellent Con. "WE WILL RETURNNNNNNNN!!!"

PS My travel companions were 75% of the Comicbook Crossfire Podcast and they will have a special ComicCon podcast with some great interviews and footage of the trip coming soon. Be sure to check them out at
Comicbook Crossfire Podcast