Sunday, December 16, 2007

Flea Market Finds Dec 16h

As most collectors know finding a gem at a bargain is often a rarity. You can usually find something worth buying at most any flea market or antique show. But 99% of the time it's usually something you see often enough or it's priced cheap, etc. It's that 1% that keeps you going out on Sunday morning. This was one of those mornings...

The Mego "Batman Command Console",1977, price paid: $10

The box has some light wear, but it is mint and unopened

It's basically a big 'ole walkie-talkie. It's supposed to work with other consoles and walkie-talkies, taking incoming and making outgoing calls and Morse code messages. I'm sure it was a flawless system; perfect for the Dark Knight's weekend telemarketing job.

It's a beautiful piece that I...wait...incoming message!

King Tut and Egghead have stolen priceless Faberge Eggs from the Egyptian Antiquities Wing of the Gotham Museum.




PS Also found these cool Superman Movie collectibles; a movie treasury book and a 12 print art portfolio, $5 for the pair. Sweet.