Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Even more vintag ads. Believe it!

Service Merchandise

Bygone Omaha retailer Richman Gordman hosted He-Man and Skeletor

Bygone Omaha video store Applause Video brought the Ecto-1 to town. I remember going to this one. Very cool car; ranks up there with the Batmobile and the Mach 5 for bad-ass rides.
Bygone "mom & pop" Omaha toy store, Yountown.
Toys Plus. My first toy retail love. This was a medium sized regional chain based out of St. Charles, MO. They had 2 locations in Omaha before going under. As far as I can tell, they tried to expand into Texas, went head-to-head with Toys R Us and got clobbered. Fantastic stores with tons of toys. If anyone ha anything related to Toys Plus, drop me a line at

This is the ad for the live Masters of the Universe store apearance at Toys Plus (see the photo from the actual appearance down below a few enteries)


Evil King Macrocranios said...

One thing I miss about the toy stores of the 80's was how hard they tried to get people in the store with their promotions and "guest appearances". The MOTU, Ecto-1 and Transformers Grimlock must have been awesome to go see. When I was little it was not uncommon for Darth Vader to show up at Sears or Spider-Man to be signing autographs at K-Mart. You just don't get stuff like that in today's crappy TRU and Wal-Mart domainated toy scene.

Rob said...

Who exactly was autographing those He-Man posters??

Evil King Macrocranios said...

The other day I was getting groceries when the cashier mentioned she lived here in Rapid City for a little over 20 years. So I asked her if she remembered a certain toystore from around 1983. She said she didn't remember back that far, mostly because she grew up in Omaha. I then rattled off store names like Children's Palace and Toys Plus that I know only because of your blog. It gave me some credibility in her eyes and I think she realized I was serious and not just the average 80s toystore obsessed weirdo buying groceries.

disa said...