Sunday, December 16, 2007

Children's Palace Virtual Toy Chest

One of the few Children's Palace artifacts I've run across is the Children's Palace Virtual Toy Chest from 1990 (I think). It's basically 45 min of crappy skits and segways to various toy commercials. Wacky kids run a TV network and endorse all sorts of Mattel, Tiger and Matchbox toys.

The "adult" at the network is the notorious "ROBO-T". Robo-T. That could only be some sort of Mechano-Man or at least a super advance cyborg. So lets pay a visit to FANTASY PARK! and ROBO-T!!!

What in the hell!?! Yep, no mechano-man or super advance cyborg. Robo-T is in fact some "Weird Al-lite" ass-clown with a man-perm.

“Cause she’s got a GREAT ASS!"
He's dope, he's wack. He's a ra-ra-ra-ra-rappin' fool!

Robo-T is goosed by a stray unicorn while in Fantasy Park
Hey kids, it's an Amber Alert!

There's a lot of crappy toys shown and a few cool ones. Some came an went like "Bongo Kongo", "Mall Madness and"Spy Tech". The NES was in full effect at the time, so there's plenty of game commercials too.

"Double Dragon II: Rescue the girl with C3PO's arms"

The ape from Kongo Bongo

I'm dreaming of...horses? "Carousel Horses" by Matchbox (huh?)

Remember Krunchers! ? Well, they eat them in the video for some reason.

Bye-Bye Children's Palace.


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neeley said...

Robo T is my name, and rappin is my claim to fame, cuz everything I say and do, wraps around like Ted and Sue. And now that you know what im all about, it's time-to simply-rap the lights out!

I have this tape, and couldnt tell you how many times i've watched it lol

Big D said...

I'm willing to buy a copy of this. Please tell me if one is available

Derek said...

I have this video from back in the day (I actually vaguely recall getting it at one of these stores) and have watched it many, many times. xD