Monday, September 10, 2007


I'm sure by now, anyone you has given even the most casual of a crap has heard about the Nintendo Wii, or as it is known in France as the "Nintendo Yes" (ha-ha-ha...Wooooo!) I lucked out and found one a month or so ago and it is pretty amazing and loads of fun.

Now, I'm a pretty casual gamer and my favorites are still the older NES and SNES games, quick/fun newer games like Grand Theft Auto, or "group games" like Star Wars Battlefront II, Halo, etc (stuff where you and half a dozen buddies can drink and shoot at each other without having to live in the Ozarks). I haven't bought a new system since the Playstation 1. A buddy did hand-me-down his old PS2 when he upgraded to a new slim model, but otherwise I'm content to play older games or leach off of friends at play at their place.

So I surprised myself when I got a bug up my ass to get the Wii. But it is fantastic. The Wiimote is awesome and the sports games that come with the system are some of the funnest games I've played in years. It's pure genius. That and the fact you can download and store classic games on the Wii, make it awesome. (Picked up Super Paper Mario too and it's fab.)

So, if you got more money than sense or want to give the credit card a big "screw you" buy one if you see it on the shelf. It's perfection.

-Dr. G

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