Monday, September 10, 2007

Early Halloween finds

I had planned to hold these until next week for the official start of "Dr. Geektarded's 46 days of Halloween". But these are too cool to go and get Groovy Goolies blue-balls over.

Found this at Nobbies. A very cool hanging Jason (they had Freddy too). I think they're supposed to go on the front door or something. Most all were missing the machete blade, so be warned if you are buying one. He's petty awesome. The arms are a foam rubber bendy, so you can pose him. I'm thinking that ole' Jason is going to be my year round door decor, swapping out the appropriate seasonal extras. Thanksgiving Jason with pilgrim hat. Christmas Jason with Santa hat. 4th of July Jason with Uncle Sam hat and flag. The possibilities are endless. I'm sure the neighbors will love it! Cost around $12

And speaking of Jason, how many times have you been slamming Crown Royal and wished you were drinking out of a semi-retarded zombie goalie's head? Well, Wallgreens answered that call with Friday the 13th shot glasses. Pretty cool. They also had Freddy and Leatherface for you non-Vorhees fans. $3

Lastly, Walgreens had these cool, heavy glass skull candle holders for $4. Big, solid skully love.

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