Sunday, September 16, 2007

HALOWEEN: Jones Soda "Black Cat Licorice"

While picking up a crate of new lab coats at Target, I ran across Jones Soda's new for 2007 flavor, "Black Cat Licorice". Licorice is usually one of those love it or hate it candies. Me, I'm kinda middle of the road. I don't actively seek it out, but if a piece is handed to me, I don't punch someone in the throat either.

Jones Soda is know for their wonky limited edition drinks like "Turkey and Gravy", "Corn on the Cob, "Wet Ham" and "Smuggled Heroin". Usually they're flavors that humans aren't prepared to drink more than once. The "Black Cat Licorice", or BCL, is no exception.

It's pretty horrible. It's not carbonated at all and tastes sort of like a combo of flat Dr. Pepper and licorice that has been stirred for 30 minutes with Rosie O'Donnell's wang. If you can down the bottle in one shot, it's drinkable. I managed a big slug, but couldn't muster more than another sip after that.

But, they have fun packaging and the remaining 3 will be tested on friends. BCL and the re-release of last years "Monster Mojito" are on Target shelves now. $3.99 for 4 12oz bottles. Not worth it, but it is Halloween and they should go over well at parties.

-Dr. G


Anonymous said...

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Dr. Geektarded said...

Yo, Spam-a-lot!
The only thing I'm addicted to is love, baby! That and black tar heroin cut with unicorn placenta.
-Dr. G

Shell said...

I was wondering if you knew if the BCL was caffeine free or not?

Perilous said...


I just came across your hilarious review whilst searching (in VAIN!) for a source, illicit or otherwise, for this soda.

I love licorice and I was just able to find this soda on the shelves at a local Target yesterday after some time spent looking for it. It's REALLY hard to find.

I think it's really good. It tastes very much like root beer on steroids. You're right in that it's not very carbonated - it would be great if it were - but as far as flavour goes, I enjoyed it very much. The cane sugar instead of the HFCS makes a world of difference.

Judging from the contents listed, it's caffeine-free.

Thanks for your great review, Doc. I dont necessarily agree with it 100%, but it was a fun read.

Happy Halloween!