Sunday, September 16, 2007

Night Flight Movie Review: JASON GOES TO HELL (Friday the 13th Pt 9)

Friday the 13th. I love the series. Love it. So, with the start of the Halloween party here at Geektarded, it seems like a pretty good movie review choice.
. A rare publicity still with the cast of "Jason Goes to Hell: The Final Friday" (1993)

Jason Goes to Hell: The Final Friday is probably my least favorite Jason movie of the series. But I ran across it at ShopKo this morning and decided to round out the collection. I don't think I'd seen the movie since it came out in '93 (seen at the legendary Orchard 4 from an earlier post).

One of Jason's early, pre-drowning films, "License to Drive"

We open with the Feds finally figuring out that they should look into the 5,000 killings over the last 13 years or so. Jason is killed and revealed to be an evil spirit in the form of America's darling, the HELL-WORM, taste the excitement! Body hopping and killings ensue. There are some fun inside jokes too. You see the Necronomicon from Evil Dead, The crate from Creepshow, the Myers place is mentioned from Halloween. And Jason is dragged to hell by Freddy, or at least someone wearing his glove. Plus the movie has the lovely Erin Gray from Silver Spoons and Buck Rogers. Rarrrrrr!

Ice Cube (left) and Jason Voorhees (right) react to some fine-ass booty in the popular "Friday" series.

Overall, it's a fairly lackluster outing. Not enough Jason and I hate it when things are explained away, to make sense of Jason. Why can't he just be an unstoppable, semi-retarded zombie goalie and we leave it at that. I can buy that. The body hopping Hell-Worm idea ripped off from "The Hidden", no thanks.

Only recommended for the Friday completest. Otherwise, buy Pt 4 or 6; a couple of classics.

-Dr. G

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