Sunday, July 8, 2007

Transfomers is the Awesomeness

Transformers is out and it rocked my lame ass. Action-packed, funny, entertaining, amazing effects (I am now 100 & 10% convinced that there are giant robots hiding out there somewhere) and Optimus Prime walking and talking all over the cineplex. By the time the credits rolled, the 8 years old version of Dr. Geektarded had taken over, grabbed the Visa card and went shopping.

For these precious few weeks surrounding the movie, you can eat, drink, live and breath Transformers. My wallet has felt the strain of a dozen impulse buys and my living room looks like Hasbro threw up all over it. But honestly, can you ever have too many talking Optimus Prime helmets or Megatron "Maxed Chicken Strips" Lunchables.?

If you haven't seen it, get out there and do it! Let that 8 year old that's buried inside run amok for a couple of hours.

The movie has all ready taken in big bucks ($152.5 million in the US in 6+ days), so hopefully this is only the beginning...

-Dr. Geektarded (FYI, The kid in me likes the frosted side)

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