Sunday, June 24, 2007

Summa' Time! aka Robo-Vision Optimus Prime action figure

Well, it's officially summertime in good ol 'raska.

Colleges are World Seriesing it. Arts are Fairing it. Air conditioners are turned on. Transformers movie toys are on the shelves. And my dog is shedding more than a Wookie's tampon.

It's that very Wookie-esque shedding and my disdain for dragging the vacuum out every 2 days, that sent me on an afternoon trip to Targé. My mission: find a dust-buster and buy contact lens solution. What I brought home was Prime.

In case you've been living under a rock (most likely Fraggle), you're probably aware of a little art film called "Transformers". The marketing machine is full-tilt with toys, snacks, candy, games, Lunchables, Burger King and just about any other assorted deliciousness you can fathom. Which leads me to my dearly departed $19.99 and my shiny new Optimus.

Since my digital camera only seems fit to film random Kennedy assassinations or the further adventures of Machine from 8MM, I've included a couple of clearer images off the web. I expect better of a $15 camera found in the toy department...

I'm, without a doubt, a Transformers nut. And it's taken a great deal of time for the movie designs to grow on me. Some work better than others. I think the toys have helped me enjoy the new look even more. They are a little more simplified and easier on the eye. Plus they give you a chance to see what's going on with the character. Half the time I on the commercials, I can't tell what the hell is going on. But now...oh, baby, I can go "There's Ironhide!" And "Hey, Starscream's leg!"

The $20 Prime's a gem. Great detail and fully-poseable. Nice, fairly complex transformation. Truck looks good. Bot looks good. He's definitely got that Prime look and styling. I'd love to see him repainted to match the old G1 colors.

I bought the "Leader" Optimus (aka $40 Optimus) a couple of weeks ago and was kinda scared to transform him. So I just displayed him in robot-mode. But the smaller one was a lot more friendly to transform, pose, etc. Both great toys; it's just the $20 Prime doesn't make my man-ham shrivel up in fear for accidentally snapping off a panel or limb.


That's it. It's dvd-time. Thrashin', Private School and The Last Dragon all came from Blockbuster online on Saturday. Plus my Deepdiscountdvd 20% off motherload shipment with Astroboy vol 1 & 2, Defenders of the Earth 1 & 2, Supergirl the Movie, Buck Rogers: Complete Series, The Stuff, Susperia, Avater Book 2: Vol 3, Inframan, King Ghidrah the 3 Headed Monster (Godzilla) and Godzilla vs Monster Zero arrived. What to watch, what to watch...Thrashin', me thinks! "Daggers rule!"

Oh and I got the dust-buster too.

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