Monday, July 9, 2007

Night Fight Movie Review: Masters of the Universe (1987)

The new movie based on the hit logo

Ahhh, He-mannn!
I like He-man and company quite a bit. I'm not a hardcore fan or collector. As a kid, I really only was into the toys for the first couple of years. "Masters" was kind of like a sordid affair with the neighbor's supermodel wife. It starts out all hot and heavy, but in the end you end up buying some Transformers and M.A.S.K. toys.

"I... HAVE... THE SCOOTS !!!"

But, even though I had moved onto other toy heroes, I still liked He-Man. I still watched the cartoons, read the comics and would browse the new figures at the stores. So, when word came down the 5th grade pipeline that Drago from "Rocky 4" was playing He-Man in a new live action movie, I was all over it.

The movie in a nutshell:
Skeletor takes control of Greyskull and the Sorceress using the cosmic key. He-Man and co. quantum leap to earth with Yoda's son, Gwilldor, using another cosmic key. They meet Courtney Cox from "Friends" and her synthesizer playing boyfriend and hilarity ensues. It all comes down to a showdown at Greyskull with He-Man fighting a Skeletor wrapped in gold foil.

Skeletor captures the Sorceress and forces her to wear
the rocket ship that Superman flew to earth in.

I , like many others, was a little disappointed that Eternia was only given about 10 minutes of screen time. But overall the movie was aces in my book. Skeletor had his usual minions with high failure rates and Darth Vader loaned him a squad of Deathstar Gunners. He-Man was heroic. Man-at-arms ate ribs. Plus, there's just something very satisfying about seeing Dolph Lundgren doing that plodding, half-assed jog down a residential street as he is searching for the Cosmic Key. Throw in Courtney Cox and Gwildor and you got Space-Christmas!

And something I only noticed just today, the Scorceress is played by Christina Pickles, who also played Courtney Cox's mom on "Friends". Which got me to wondering, did the "Masters" movie ever come up in conversation on the "Friends" set? Perhaps an awkward story about Dolph's leather underoos from the whipping scene. Or maybe that terrible day when Billy Barty couldn't get out of the suit in time and pooed the Gwildor suit.

Oh, and eagle-eyed "Friends" fans might also spot a
young Matt LeBlanc as Skeletor's henchman, Karg.

He-Man throws Skeletor and Hans down the shaft, but the Emperor breaks their fall.

"I'll be back! In Masters of the Universe II: The Legend of Curly's Gold"

-Dr Geektarded

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Anonymous said...

So I realize that this is an old post, but in doing some research into the He-Man universe (don't ask), I came across the random fact that Courtney Cox's "synthesizer playing boyfriend" in the movie is none other than Tom Paris from Voyager. Just thought you might like to know.