Monday, July 9, 2007

New camera means new pics...or "recent purchases"

Just a few odds and end from the last few weeks...
Walrusman and Snaggletooth
Half of my quest to find the 4 original aliens is complete. While I've collected some of the newer figures, most of my originals had disappeared into childhood limbo long ago. The new figures are great, but they will never live up to the goofy, off-model versions of the cantina aliens that Kenner originally made. These were always my favorites, especially Walrusman.

The king daddy himself!
I know he's got a fancy alien name nowadays, but to me he'll always be Walrusman!

I must've been a real dullard as a kid, because it wasn't until years later that I figured out that Wally was the dude who got his arm hacked off by Obi-Wan in the bar. Prior to that soul-crushing realization, my tiny brain had built Walrusman up to a bad-ass of Vader-esque proportions. In fact, I used to use him as Vader's right hand man. Oh the adventures I used to have. Wally chasing down Luke and the droids. Wally piloting a TieFighter. And on occasion, when the odds were against him, Wallrusman would take command of ...
I'm in Walrus heaven! Now to find Greedo and Hammerhead...

Next up: Star Wars:Galaxy Heroes.
I've seen this little buggers for awhile now and thus far had resisted the urged to buy any. But the removable helmet Vader stole my heart and my $6.
"Hello my baby! Hello my darling'!"
The way he holds his helmet, I get a heavy Michigan J. Frog vibe. I keep expecting Vader to belt out a bit of "Michigan Rag".

Also picked up a couple of great old vinyl figures from the mid-70s.
The Trix Rabbit and Ernie the Keebler Elf.

And more Transformers madness. Rock'em Sock'em Optimus Prime Pop!

And last but not least, the Burger King.
I remember these from waaaaay back when. Long before the King became the creepy, masked, un-kill-able, supernatural monster he is today. He's the Jason Vorhees of fast food mascots. Believe it!
Anyway, this sucker is like brand new. The box looked like someone had eaten it, shat it out, fed the shat to a dog and then blew the dog up. But the toy was perfect. Still in the packaging, unopened and the stickers unapplied. It's beautiful...
-Dr. Geektarded

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