Sunday, June 24, 2012

Vintage Toy Find: Lords of Light! The $10 freezer bag of treasures!

So, one of the local comic shops was having a sidewalk sale this weekend. Despite the 90s temps and humid air, i figured, "what the hell. I'll sweat it out for a bit". Glad I did. Not only did I get a sweet stack of 5 for a $1 comics and a black and white tpb collection of early Marvel "Blade" comics for a buck, I got the $10 freezer bag of treasures!

Along the tables were boxes of cheap 90s ear Star Wars, loose X-Men and a freezer bag full of parts marked $10. A quick glance spotted a Starriors robot (love these) and what looked like a blue Micronauts Time Travler and some Micronauts aliens parts (love these guys too). I figured "Ten bucks, not bad". Maybe there'd be enough to cobble together an alien or at least have some parts on hand to complete some figures later on.

So, I bought my comics and bag of parts and headed back to the car. I had to check the bag out and holy shit, jackpot. Not only was there a complete Starriors 'bot and anoher missing it's head (booo!), but the Micronauts turned out to be some fickin' "Lords of Light" and "Inter-Changeables" figures! 

From Left to Right: Topen,  Nepos (with his wings!), and two Toriac figures

From Left to Right: the two Toriac figures again, Emperor Dementia (no cape or weapons, but goofy-cool) and a blue Time Traveler (minus hands)

From Left to Right: Starriors "Ripsaw" (where's my head?!?) and "Slice"

From Left to Right: "Inter-Changeables" robot arms for the C.I.R.E.S robot. Sadly one was missing his upper left leg, so he's now a mini-bot on display.

From Left to Right: Also some parts. Not sure to what. The black laser looks to go with the C.I.R.E.S combiner robot. No clue about the black claw arm, the pegs or the orange missile (I think they're from Micronauts). If anyone can i.d. these, shoot me an email.

Both Lords of Light and Inter-Changeables are super hard to run across.
I haven't seen any since they were originally released in the 80s. So, Woooo! $10 of plactic alien and robot joy!

-Matt aka Dr. G

Some cool line art of the Lords of Light and The Evilites from the back of a L.O.L. figure card

 The live action Evilites from the Lords of Light Commercial

A mint on card Topen from eBay (went for over $2,200)

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Ralston said...

You ever run across any MicroNaughts?

Dr. Geektarded said...

Whachu talkin' 'bout, Chris? Are those like MicroNaughties? or MicroNutties by Nabisco. Now I'm just making stuff up...