Sunday, August 19, 2007

Random stuff from the last couple of months

Bumblebee "Robot Replica" action figure

Captain Cupcake giant blow-up

old Flash Gordon and Ming action figures

Easilly the coolest toys in years...

Updated classic GI Joes in the classic style old packaging. I get chills looking at these. They are awsome.

BBought a set of the individuals and the 2 boxsets + a Snake Eyes to open. Got home, opened him, was blown away by the figure, got back in the car and drove back to Target to buy some to open. They are pretty much perfection.

The Joe team...

1 comment:

Weasel said...

Um, is it just me, or does Ming kinda look like he's nekkid? Please tell me it's the lighting!

Hee, that 'Bee Replica is just so darned cute. And it appears he's standing next to his G1 "brother"! There's just too much cute in that picture for me to handle! :melts into drooling puddle while chattering about Bumblebee's cuteness: