Sunday, August 19, 2007

More random stuff

Cool old 12" spaceman from '67. Found it at the flea market for $4. No clue what his name is, but I love the design. LASER HELMET POWER!

DC Super Friends. Super cute pre-school versions of the classic superheroes. They seem pretty happy to be Lex) evil Batman) Have had both parents killed and Superman) Have had both parents exploded along with his entire race.

Extremely cool golden age Superman statue by Hallmark. A buddy (and die hard Superman/ DC fan) at work was clearing out some excess and multiples and offered me one of these beauties for $20. Never seen him before and just love it to death. Best Superman statue I've seen.

Star World carrying case. Made for 3 3/4" scale figures. Found at a flea market for $5. I had a couple of these when I was a kid to store my Star Wars figures. We would buy them at the TG&Y.

One of those things you completely forget about until you see one and then you're like "Hell yes!" Great art on the box. All Star Wars knock-off looking aliens and robots.

Pillow Buddy Prime. So goofy, you can't help but love him, despite his $21.99 price.

Prime 360 degree Unleashed statue. Another overpriced Prime, but pretty damn cool.

TMNT Shredder. Loved the movie and picked up some of the series 1 figures. Had no clue they were making Shredder. I love being surprised like that at the store.


Ah, Tranzor Z (aka Mazinger Z). Loved this cartoon when I was a kid. This was a pricey die-cast figure, but it's insanely cool. Shiny and full of ass-kicking robot powers.

Old Pac-Man toys. I was obsessed with Pac-Man, Ms Pac-Man, Donkey Kong and Saturday Supercade when I was about 6-7 years old. Just recently rediscovered the old collectibles and have started tracking down some on eBay.

Snowbunny Padme. I had heard about the Bust-ups, but never really ran across any up close. But saw Padme at the Suncoast and had to have one. Loved the Clone Wars cartoons, especially the designs. Great little figurine and I plan to pick up some of the others next time I'm forced into the mall.

Cool skeleton pirate "army men" from the Dollar Tree. "Haunted Hull". One of the many Pirates of the Caribbean knock-offs popping up.

More Prime. I'm obsessed with the new Transformers movie. I've haven't been this stupid for merchandising since the summer of Batman '89.

A shit-ton of Masters of the Universe toys. I had lost almost all of my figures in a move when I was a kid. Loose and complete figures a shockingly cheap online. I got most for $3-4 each, some for a $1. I know the later series are going to hurt a bit, but I plan to collect most of the originals. only collected He-Man for a year or two when I was a kid, but loved the cartoon and obsessed over the later figures in the stores while collecting Transformers and GI Joe. Rio Blast and Ninjor, you will be mine!

Cool Sigma 6 firefighter, Inferno. Granted Inferno was the name of the C.O.P.S. firefighter and the of course Inferno from Transformers, but I would have gone with Barbecue from the classic Joes.

And speaking of classic Joes, how cool is this? I was at walmart this afternoon and they had these reproduction Adventure Team GI Joes (Land, Air and Sea) in classic style boxes. Very cool for $10 and the figure looks exactly like the originals.