Sunday, August 19, 2007

Can you smell it? It's in the air...

It may be hotter than FrankenHitler's ass-crack outside, but I know it's coming. My geektarded senses are tingling. Halloween's on it's way. The kick-off to 4 months of seasonable weather and holidays.
The tell-tell signs are out there. There's a few decorations making their way into the dollar stores. Shopko had a horror section started in the DVDs. I can feel it!

To get me in the mood, I bought a auction lot of 96 vintage Halloween masks (9 different ones, lots of multiples; old store stock or salesmen samples, I think). They are works of art. I plan to build a shadow box and mount a set. They really got the Halloween juices going.

So, starting Sept 16th, I will start the first annual
Dr. Geektarded's 46 days of Halloween.
Aside from the usual posts, there will be Halloween themed posts and starting Oct 1st, there will be the 32 films of Halloween marathon list with a daily recommended movie suggestion to end on Oct 31st with a double feature. My goal will be to watch each move listed on each day and at the end, I'll tally them up my score. I think my ass is up to the challenge.

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