Friday, August 17, 2012

Walrusman! "That Looks Cool" Sketch Blog Week 10

Week 10 is here and it features my favorite vintage Star Wars action figure, Walrusman. The inspiration for this week's choice come from Gentle Giant's upcoming 12" reproduction Walrusman figure, which I have no choice but to buy.

I love, love, love the original Walrusman action figure, in all it's off-model glory. As a kid I never really got that he was the dude that looses his arm to Obi-Wan in the bar fight. I just thought he was this bad-ass alien who would lead my armies of aliens and robots against Luke and the Rebellion. An adversary, second only to Darth Vader in his villainy. So here's to you, Walrusman!

Walrusman piloting Mazinga, as he was prone to do during playtime

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Atom Kid said...

I liked that figure too, I think I may still have mine somewhere. I still have my Mazinga but he's missing an arm unfortunately. Great illustration!