Friday, August 10, 2012

That Looks Cool Week 9: Perfect Cell from DBZ and the next 4 themes!

This week's "That Looks Cool" theme is Cell from one of my favorite animes, Dragonball Z.

We've also got the next 4 weeks themes (sorry for posting this a little behind schedule)

Week 9: Perfect Cell
Week 10: Walrusman from Star Wars (my all time favorite Star Wars figure is coming to 12" form!!!)
Week 11: The eyeball wrestler dudes from "Fight2!" from Jack Teagle and Lowbrow press
Week 12: Alien Apu from "The Simpsons Illustrated" and Bongo Comics

As always, if you'd like to share your art for any characters, present or past, please email me at with your art and any URL link(s) you;d like included to your blog, website, gallery, etc.

Until next time,
aka Dr. G

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