Friday, August 31, 2012

"That Looks Cool" Sketch Blog Week 12: "Alien Apu" from the Simpsons

Week 12 of the "That Looks Cool" Sketch Blog is upon us and up at bat is: "Alien Apu" from Bongo's The Simpsons Comics.

I've always loved the designs of the Kang and Kodos aliens from the Simpsons and once I saw the alien version of Kwik-E-Mart czar, Apu, I knew I had to draw him. Super fun!

If you'd like to take a crack at Apu and share it on the blog, email me at

aka Dr. G

PS, since it's a 5 week comic book month, my shipment of books (and my Previews Catalog) might nit make it for next week, so next week is "Dr. Deemo" from the 90s Kenner Swampthing toy line.
DR. DEEMO image search

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