Sunday, June 1, 2008

I'm only one years old! Geektarded makes it a full 365 days

Great Caesar's Birthday Ghost. While staring blankly at the blog, trying to finagle a way to find some time to work on entries, I noticed the "May" cover date on the logo.

Geektarded launched a year ago (Give or take a couple of days).

In a mad scramble to make some sort of 1st anniversary gesture, I've slapped together Dr. Geektarded "Top 3, Balls to the Wind, Bestest Childhood Birthdays Ever"

So, grab your goofy hats, donkey tails and "memory lane certified" walking shoes, 'cuz it's birthday time!

#3) 8th Birthday AKA "The Masters of the Universe Birthday"

Having just discovered Masters of the Universe, I was all about He-Man. He-Man Cake. He-Man hats. He-Man decorations. He-Maaaaaaaaan!

Birthday score: Mekaneck, Faker, Triclops, Buzz-Off, Jitsu, Castle Greyskull and a He-Man VHS tape

Honorable mention: Blackstarr "Neptul" monster from a neighbor girl who's parents didn't know the difference.

#2) 9th Birthday AKA "The I Discover Transformers Birthday"

Ah, turning 9 and having a birthday party at Skateland Roller Rink. It is also shortly after Transformers made their debut. I had Bluestreak, but here's were I became a junkie.

Birthday score: Optimus Prime, Iron Hide, Rachet, Starscream, Trailbreaker, Windcharger and Bumblebee.

Honorable mention: A Gobots Herr Fiend from my Aunt and Uncle who didn't know the difference.

#1) 10th Birthday. AKA 'The Transformers Gift Sets Birthday"

The Transformers Special Team gift sets are rare, highly collectible items nowadays. Well, 20 some years ago, they weren't that easy to come by either. The only time I ever saw these was at Richman Gordman, a bygone Omaha/Regional department store chain (changed to 1/2 Price Store and now they are called Gordmans) Anyway, R.G. had a great toy department and I used to buy a lot of Transformers and Super Powers there. Well, one day they have this big Transformers display of toys and sitting on top, as the crown jewels, were these huge boxed sets for the Special Teams.

What followed was weeks upon weeks of begging for one, just one set. But to now avail. They were too expensive, bla-bla-bla. I kid-lusted after these. They were all I talked about. All I thought about. They were my white whale.

Time passed and the 10th birthday approached. I think all I asked for was one of the gift sets. Superion. Devestator. Menasor. Any one of them was fine. That joyous day arrives and what do I receive? Cosmos, Warpath and a GI Joe Sticker Book... I did the forced "this is really cool" reaction, but deep down I was a little crushed. I say my "thank you's". I open a MASK Thunderhawk from a relative and we get ready for Optimus Prime cake. We were in the kitchen and I remember being asked to get something from the living room. I can't remember what, but I walked in and sitting in front of the fireplace was 2, 2!!!, gift sets. Devestator and Superion. I think my brain melted a little bit.

Thanks for checking out the blog and stick around for another year of nonsense.


agentmorris said...

The 9th birthday karate cake is one of the single awesome-est cakes I have ever seen.

That's the cake I want for my next birthday.

Dr. Geektarded said...

Yeah, I thought I was going to be the first chubby, white-kid ninja back then.
Chuck Norris, "Revenge of the Ninja" and "USA Kung Fu Theater" were all big-time obsessions back then.


Jay Amabile said...

I remember having a MOTU bday...Dukes of Hazzard bday, a Super Friends bday, and WWF...ahh the memories. Birthdays were awesome back then...

disa said...

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