Saturday, June 14, 2008

Earl Norem Art for GI JOE "Operation Ragin River"

Here is Earl Norem's beautiful artwork for the Marvel Big Looker storybook "GI JOE: Operation Ragin River"

The book features the "Serpentor-era" Joes once again, as they try to re-take the St. Louis Arch from Cobra.


Jay Amabile said...

you're right, his art brought these stories to life in such a different way than we were used to as kids. his art made the characters real.

Lady Jaye said...

Very nice, realistic rendition of the Joes. :)

Dan Pinegar said...

I would buy work of Earl's if only I knew where you got these from! :)

aka "Xavieur"

Jeremy said...

I have these books! It would be cool to see the original paintings

cagey said...

Please, more! I wish there were an address where we could send fan mail. Reminds me of Classics Illustrated. They just don't do it this way anymore :(