Saturday, June 14, 2008

Earl Norem Art for GI JOE "Operation Star Fight"

Here is Earl Norem's gorgeous artwork for the Marvel Big Looker storybook "GI JOE: Operation Star Fight"

The book features the "Serpentor-era" Joes, but they are still battling Cobra Commander (I guess it'd be pre-Serpentor...)

In a nutshell, Cobra hijacks a space shuttle, the Joes stop them. It's not Shakespeare, it sure looks incredible.

A little details that I love, and Norem does this in other books, is that the Joes aren't constantly geared up. I seemed like in the cartoons and comics, the Joes ate, crapped, watched tv, etc in vests, backpacks and helmets. Check out Airtight, Lowlight, Mainframe and Dialtone sitting around off the job at the HQ.

Another thing is the level of realistic violence. Cobra is in a firefight to take the shuttle and it looks like people are taking hits. Roadblock shoots cobra troopers. Mainframe gets winged by a bullet. The army fights back, gunning down Cobras. And the best is the fight in the shuttle as it's launching. Roadblock punches a Cobra out the open shuttle door.

It's a spectacular book, art-wise. It's GI Joe, if GI Joe was done as mid-60s pulp fiction, with a few touches of early James Bond.



Predabot said...

Fantastic stuff! :)

Norem is a true forgotten pearl in illustration.

I'm a part of an initiative called btw. And we'd love to have some of your art on our site.

Please, if you are interested in making a contribution, let us know, and we will credit you in any way you would prefer.

Dan Pinegar said...

This work is amazing. I collect G.I. Joe art exclusively and love the early work like this. WHERE in the world did you get it! And would you consider parting with it for another lover of this work?!?

aka "Xavieur"