Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Marvel Productions Promotional Art (Part 2): Spider Friends!

Marvel Productions art part 2: Spider-Man and his Amazing Friends.

This issue of Comic Features (#33) had a lot of nice Spidey art and some cel artwork with backgrounds.

 Bobby Drake aka Iceman concept artwork

Angelica Jones aka Firestar is still called "Heatwave" in this piece.

 Great pitch art for "Spider Friends" of Spider-Man, Iceman and Firestar fighting Doctor Doom. I assume the show title was changed because it's very close to "Superfriends"?

Cel artwork of Captain America

Cel art of Spider-Man. Looks like a Hydra symbol behind him there. 

 Cel art of Spider-Man web slinging. Can't remember the girls name...

Great cel art of the Spider Friends racing to action.

Tune is Tomorrow for the final part with production are for shows that never got made.

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