Tuesday, July 3, 2012

That Looks Cool!: July 2012 theme picks

Well, the new previews catalog has come and here's the next 4 weekly character/theme picks of things that I thought looked cool:

Week 5 (July 10): MONSTER HEAVEN ZULU vinyl figure

Week 6 (July 17): Marceline from Adventure Time

Week 7 (July 24): Envirob figure

Week 8 (July 31): The Purple Superman

Here's what July looks like for sketch themes. As always, if you'd like to share your rendition on that week's character, email me at matt@grindhousecomics.net.

There's no deadline for submissions. If you send something in advance, I'll hold it untill that week's theme comes up. If you send in a past character, I'll update that weeks post with your entry.

Any style is great (and recommended). The character choices are just a springboard to you creating something cool. Your "Purple Superman" doesn't have to be a cute version like the one pictured. It can be realistic, anime-style, comic style, etc...; whatever interpretation springs forth from you!

-Matt aka Dr. G

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