Sunday, January 25, 2009

Random 1984 nonsense

Hey, strangers. Hope everyone had a merry christmas and happy new year. The hiatus has been due mainly to work and a little blessed event. The purchase of an XBox 360. Seriously, that sucker is the ultimate time sucker. But awesome. Seriously, buy one if you can.

Anyway, while going through a box of old papers, I found some random cool crap from my youth and I figure I'll scan stuff of it in from time to time.

Up first, a school folder from 1984.

Woooooo! Garfield. I drew fangs on him, so I guess he's about to feed on Odie.

Doodles. My obsessions at the time: Stickers, superheroes, Inspector Gadget, Gremlins, Star Wars, Storm Shadow and Heathcliff...

Ninjas, Garfield, more Gremlins and more Inspector Gadget...

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Reis O'Brien said...

This is awesome! I love seeing stuff like this. I swear that my old folders looked eerily similar, but with less Inspector Gadget. I love the whistling Heathcliff!