Sunday, January 25, 2009

Mattel Collector's toys: Beautiful, Overpriced and Addictive.

Since my Skeletor and Adam Strange/Starfire Mattel figures arrived on Friday, I thought I might do a quick review of them and last month's He-Man and Beastman release.

If You haven't see the Masters of the Universe figures in person, they are really beautifully done. I'd have to say close to prefect.

The DC Universe Classics are also excellent figures. Adam Strange uses the standard DCUC male body, but sports a new head sculpt, vest/rocketpack and pistol. Overall he's a great figure. The JLU animated figures have shown that Mattel can do some creative things with paint apps, and Strange is proof of that.
Starfire uses the Harley Quinn body, which looks good, but it's too petite for the character. Plus she suffers from Uni-boob Syndrome. But, as far a comic styled Starfires go, it beats the scary looking DC Direct version from years ago. Hopefully DC will pony up a more properly endowed Starfire figure in the future, but for now this one looks go to me.

Back to He-Man. As you can see, the designs of the originals are closely followed. Skeletor even has the cool green and yellow skull paint apps of the original.

The figures have a nice range of pose ability. Skeletor's arm movement suffers due to his shoulder armor. All have limited hip movement from the rubbery loin cloths they are sporting.

Like I said, these are really gorgeous sculpts. They probably some of the best figures I've bought in the last few months. Personally I love that they've slavishly followed the original designs. I loved the newer Masters line from '02, but the classic look is perfect.

Come on. How bad-assed is this?

The only 2 gripes I have are this:

The Packaging. It looks good, but they are sold as the standard, carded figures. These are for collectors, so why not boxed? Something that you can open and still save the packaging.

and the second, THE PRICE.
Mattel is charging $20 a figure on these. That's high. Almost too high. If they weren't so nicely sculpted, it'd be insane. Tack on like $8 shipping and you talking a hefty toy bill for one figure.

Now, I know these are brand new sculpts and they aren't being mass marketed, but the original Masters of the Universe toyline was the very definition of repaints and reuse of parts. And the same thing will happen with the new figures, if the line has some legs to it.

I hope they don't continually rake the buyers over the coals on the cost. They've all ready announced Fakkor at $20 (He is a Con exclusive, though). I guess the true test will be if they get to characters like Stinkor and Mossman. I'd love to see them do some reduced price 2-packs or something. That or some kind of mail in. Buy the 12 figures during the year and get a free 13th mail in exclusive or something. I just hate the idea of a year from now paying $28 for get a figure that's only had a new head slapped on it.

But anyway, they are fantastic. I will collect these are long as they continue to maintain the quality of the figures (and if the price doesn't become more prohibitive than it all ready is).

Skeletor is out now. He-man and Beastman are sold out (for now). I 'm betting more will pop up later. Or a 2-pack later on. If you can't wait, and can swing it, they are on secondary market for $35-$40. If you have the extra, they are indeed worth it.



Reis O'Brien said...

Those MOTU figures look so awesome, but I admit I won't be able to buy them at that price. Thanks for reviewing them, so dudes like me can live vicariously through you. ;)

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