Sunday, February 17, 2008

Random recent toy nonsense

For years, fanboys have wondered, "Are Power Girl's breast real?" Well, the world can finally be told. No, they're fake. Big, pillowy, rubbery...hem, yes, well...

Gigantic sweater-meat aside, DC Direct continues to put out some amazingly cool, yet overpriced 13" action figures.

Silver Age Batman
Silver Age Robin

Found a decent Mego Superman at a flea market a few weeks back for $10...

And reproduction Star Trek Megos are out too!

Masterpiece Megatron


New Frontier serie 2, along side series 1

Scored the rest of the new DC Universe figures this weekend.

If you build it...

New Transformers the Movie figures: Lockdown, Evac and Overcast (I think those are the names...)

Finally ran across some of the new "The Batman" JLA figs and a new Joe 2-pack with Ace and Wild Weasle

Lastly a cool Mario vinyl. The classics...


Dr. G

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