Sunday, November 4, 2007

The Halloween that pretty much wasn't

Halloween 2007, we hardly knew ye. You came and went like a Ninja-Frankenstein.
And your cousin, Thanksgiving-Bot 5000, has been destroyed by an early Christmas shopping season. Seriously, how did November 1st, suddenly become the new shopping launch date and Thanksgiving reduced to that pesky meal you eat after looking at the Black Friday ads?

Any-whooo, it was so busy this last week at the Geektarded Labs, that our poor pumpkin didn't even get carved. Poor bastard. That's why I'm taking Monday off and declaring it Halloween II: The Quickening. That pumpkin will fulfill it's destiny and become a jack-o-lantern and some horror movies and Charlie Brown will be watched.

I did manage to witness Target's 75% off Halloween frenzy on Sunday morning. Kinda fun to watch soccer moms go ape-shit for bags of M&Ms and motorized wiggling rubber wolf-boys. For the most part, I don't like shopping post-holiday item sales. It sort of feels like going to an estate sale for someone that just died, that's being run by their next of kin. Depressingly-creepy.

Luckily, I'm a whore for a good deal, so personal feelings be damned. $1.99 Transformers treat basket and light sabers are where it's at!
And to show my Christmas-Love, despite the fever arriving 3 weeks too early, good Ole' Charlie Brown came home with me too. Check out Chuck with his hat and zombie-tree!

Don't worry kiddies, there are still plenty of Halloween frights to enjoy. Just check out Silver Spoons dad, Joel Higgens, all shirtless and hairy from this old TV Guide ad for "First Affair". Gruesome!


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