Friday, October 24, 2014

Zombie Apocalypse playset at Walgreens

The amount of time I spend making "a quick trip" to Walgreens seems to be second only to time spent sleeping or waiting for the Redbox to free up. But sometime I find something that makes it worth it. Tonight was one such time.

Zombie Apocalypse army men playset by Imperial Toys! Finally, the zombie hoard comes to the toy aisle. The set includes some generic army men, a couple of tanks, a jet, a stealth bomber and the reason we all came to the party...zombies!

There are 6 unique zombie figures. A generic walker, a ghoul with a bone, a football player throeing a brain, a farmer with undead chicken, a ghoul holding his guts and a zombie walking like he escaped the Thriller video shoot.

The set is a ton of fun. The zombies have a nice level of detail in the sculpts. 

A no-brainer for $6.99. These are in the toy aisle, among the holiday stock (among the buy 2 get 1 free stuff)


Anonymous said...

Are these still available?!?! Great find.

Kracalactaka! said...

Love the Blue Tank, a must have.