Monday, July 21, 2014

DVD review: Protector 2 and Ong Bak trilogy blu rays

I was surprised with review copies of the upcoming Tony Ja blu ray releases for The Protector 2 and the box set Ong Bak trilogy last week.

   First up, I checked out The Protector 2. Tony Ja really needs to microchip that elephant, cuz he get taken again (this time by the RZA). The action goes big and cartoony with a rooftop battle with a dozen bikers. Rhe mayhem takes to the streets when about 150 more show up. Lots of CGI stunts and action, which is a shift from the original. 
   But after, the initial set piece, the films settle into more traditional, practical action (still some CGI, but not as dramatic at the bike gang stuff).
   It's a fun romp with some exciting action. Not as visceral as the original, but still a great modern martial arts action movie.

As for the Ong Bak trilogy, the boxset looks to be a repackage of the individual blu releases. In fact, the UV digital code that came with part 2, expired in 2012.
I rewatched part 2 and it looks and sounds great on blu. So, check out the boxset if you passed on them the first go around.

If you're a martial arts fan then then end of July will be a good time. Both releases come out July 29 from Magnet.

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