Monday, September 2, 2013

DVD review: The Office season 9 blu ray

Its labor day monday and I'm loafing around watching tv. TV Land is showing the best of Andy Griffith and I'm alternating between that and the Office season 9 blu rays I was sent for reviewing.

I'd lost interest in The Office a few years back and have only caught it off and on until this year. I started watching it semi-regularly on Hulu this season and have been catching up on some episodes I missed with the blu ray release.

It's a decent season. Uneven, but it has its moments. The whole Jim and Pam drama was a bit too soap operay for my taste and revealing the documentary crew felt unnecessary. One of the things I've always liked about the show was the breaking the wall moments of characters looking right at you, making you a part of the proceedings. Adding the camera crew as characters pushed back that intimacy, removing that feeling that you are there and in on the jokes.

But overall, theres plenty to be entertained by and the finale is a success in wrapping up the employees arcs, giving viewers so fan moments and being touching and funny. Something The Office often did to great success.

The show looks great in HD, as one would expect from a modern
network series and the blu offers numerous extras to give fans a reason to own the season.

Special Features include: audition tapes, two hours of deleted scenes, a retrospective documentary, video of the series finale table read, bloopers, music videos and a cast panel exclusive to the blu ray release.

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