Thursday, April 4, 2013

Hey Kids! It's "Buggy Truck Dozer" "Diecast Robot Car": Bootleg Gobot Buggyman Love

Picked up this bootleg Gobot / Machine Robo figure recently. I used to be fascinated by the various bootleg robot toys of the 1985-1986 transforming toy boom. I think 9 year old me used to think they were imports (I had bought a couple of Macross imports at the time Robotech was hitting big from a local comic shop and was told they were from Japan). So, basically anything that didn't look like a normal Transformer or Gobot packaged toy was probably an import in my kid-brain. (Also didn't help that some bootlegs still had Japanese text on the instructions or packaging)

Anyway, Buggyman was my first and favorite Gobot figure, so when these started popping up at the local TG&Y and even gas stations and craft stores, I wanted one badly. Why? I guess because it was different than the usual Gobots. But, since I all ready had Buggyman, I was repeatedly told to pick another figure out to buy.

27 years later, I finally got one.

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