Sunday, March 24, 2013

Dvd review: The Collection (2012)

Its been a bit of a dry spell for dvd screeners, but things have picked up this last couple of weeks. The folks at Lions Gate sent a few things and one I watched this afternoon was "The Collection".
The Collection is the 2012 sequel to The Collector (2009) and follows the Alien/Aliens pattern of sequels, where you ratchet up the thriller into a full-on action, roller coaster ride. And boy does it work out well. The Collection is a breathless sprint from an insane opening sequence at a rave/club to the escape from the Collector's house of traps.

The basic set up: a serial killer, who's keen on booby traps and keeping one victim as part of his collection, must go head to head with one of his escaped captives and a team of mercenaries sent to rescue his latest victim. Its tense. Its actiony. Its gory. Its got likable characters. Its a well shot, well acted, 82 minutes blast. If your a horror fan, its a "buy" as far as I'm concerned.

Buy The Collection for $17 on Blu Ray, $13 on dvd. And snag the original The Collector for $7 on Blu and $4 on dvd at

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