Sunday, July 5, 2009

An amazing book...

Picked up a copy of "Mego 8" Super-Heroes: World's Greatest Toys!" by Benjamin Holcomb this week. What an incredible and beautiful book! If you are any kind of Mego fan, DC or Marvel fan or toy collector, this is a must buy. It's a brilliant mixture of reference book, nostalgia, history and art. Seriously, this should be the templet all other toy book authors follow.

I can't say enough good things about this. I hope Halcomb continues to write/create because fans and collector need more books like this. Details and history or Meco Corp., manufacturing, how they stocked the warehouses, how they dealed with DC and Marvel, selling product to retailers like Kresgee. Beautiful photos of mego figures, every imaginable packaging variation. Foregin releases. God it's some cool stuff.

Here's hoping for a follow up book(s) We need a Comic Action Heroes/Pocket Heroes book, plus 12" megos and other Mego superheros. Hell, foreign Mego too. Keep 'em coming.


World's Greatest Toys! said...

Woah. Cool.

I am a fan of Geektarded, so imagine my delight in reading this wonderful and generous write-up of my book.

Thank you, Dr. Geektarded!

Benjamin Holcomb

Dr. Geektarded said...

Well, how cool is this?
Glad you dig the blog and thanks for posting.
Let me say "thank you" for creating such a wonderful book. "WGTs" is truly a work of art and something to be very proud of. I'm so glad that I went with the hardcover, cuz this is a keeper.
I'm going to add a link to your site so we can all keep up with what you're doing.

thanks again and keep up the great work,
-Dr. G

Anonymous said...

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Laura said...

This book looks awesome--I collect books about toys, so this needs to be aded to the collection.
~Laura (the Venture one. I have come out of hibernation!)