Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Revenge of the...Kick-ass!

Caught the 12:01 showing of Transformers 2 last night/this morning. I'd hoped to get a quick post in when I got home, but I was beat.

Anyway, this was pretty freakin' awsome. I'd say if you enjoyed the first film, you'll enjoy this one too. If you're a Transformers fan, you might even enjoy it more than the first. There's a lot of mythology introduced (Matrix, Space Bridge, Pretenders, Triple-Changers, Combiners, Energon). The effects were insanely good. Lots more robot onscreen-time. Nice interactions between Megatron and Starscream. Autobots and humans working together. It's really starting to feel like a fully realized Transformers world. A place where a guy can pat a truck on the hood and say "How's it going, Ironhide?" with a straight face. Thats pretty damn cool.

The movie is not without it's flaws. It's a little too long, mainly due to some military build-up/deployment scenes. They feel like padding for a movie that really needs none. But other than that, I had no real gripes. Once things get rolling (and beleive me, they waste no time), it a balls-to-the-wall couple of hours. I'm sure it'll have its haters and I'm sure Bay will get bashed, but I really loved it. It's what I was hoping for and expecting, while also exceeded my expectations. It made the "8 year old me" jump for joy.

Dr. G

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Anonymous said...

i didnt much care for tf2 they need to switch up directors for the next movie or its going to start getting stale with the over dramatic music and slow motion scenes and overall cornball factor of the movie caused by the director...michael bay = complete D-bag