Sunday, February 8, 2009

Hulk VS.

Hulk VS. Thor and Hulk VS. Wolverine. 2 Movies. 1 DVD. All kick-ass!

Marvel and Lionsgate's newest direct to DVD animated feature dropped into stores recently. I'm sure I'm not the only Joe who saw the short run times on both of these and had a red alert go up. But the reasonable price, the decent looking animation and the PG-13 rating made me take the gamble. The verdict: Awesome. I think the "mini-movie" format is the way to go. Why pad out a weak story into an 80 minute feature, when you can do 2 lean, mean action packed stories? The animation and voice acting were top notch on both and I was completely wrapped up in each movie.

Hulk Vs. Thor.
The basic set up is once a year, after Odin has feasted on a basket teriyaki buffalo wings and queso dippers, he must take a week long nap to recharge. During that time, Loki and all the wacky Asgardians critters lay siege and Thor and his Amazing Friends must turn back the tide. But this year a wild card has been thrown into the mix, the Hulk. What follows are some big battles, Thor and Loki's Bogus Journey and loads of cool cameos by Thor comic regulars.
Now, I'm pretty much a casual Thor fan. I like him, but mainly as part of a team. This movie changed my mind on that. This is how Thor should be done. Big, epic fantasy. Bring on more of this!

Hulk Vs. Wolverine
Logan is called in to stop the rampaging Hulk. Wolvie and Hulk fight and some Weapon X regulars like Sabertooth, Deadpool, Omega Red and Deathstrike are thrown into the mix. The result is one of the best translations of the Wolverine to the screen that I have even seen.
My inner 10 year old was bouncing of the walls during this one. Wolveine was perfect. It's the first time I've ever seen him portrayed as the pint-sized beserker - outside of comics. Sabertooth, Deathstrike, Omega and Deadpool were perfection. And the violence! Finally, these characters get to cut loose on-screen. Wolvie slashes and stabs and the blood and limbs fly.

I'd give both 5 out of 5. This is some of the best comics-to-animation out there and it's the perfect format, length-wise. We need more like these. Bring on Ghostrider, Punisher, Deadpool ... anybody. Just do it like this.

I will say watch Thor first (the tender foreplay) and finish with Wolverine (the Haitian Chili dog).

Breaking news!
Based on the success of the Hulk Vs. DVD sales, Lionsgate has announced the following sequels at NY Comic Con:

-Dr. G

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