Sunday, October 12, 2008

Starlog Ads: Random late 70s to Mid 80s

Since I was doing some scanning for the Halloween ad posts, I thought I'd throw out a few fun ads I ran across.

Filmation animation cel prints
Man, did I ever want those Batman cels when I was a kid. These things were advertised forever, so you'd think these would pop-up from time to time. But I've never ran across any.

Star Wars Masks

Super 8 SciFi movies

Actually just a goofy shot from a Starlog letters page for some Boy's Club charity thing. Looks like Robocop's wearing a hoodie under his helmet.

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Loony said...

I remember an advert for a CE3K mothership model, with fibre optic lighting, hovering over Devils Tower....70s or 80s.... Never seen or heard of it since :(