Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Screen Cap-o-rama: "Bachelor in Paradise"

Where every house has a walk-in bar in the closet

I love the mid 50s to mid 60s. The look, the designs, the colors, the stores and resturants. All the great spaceage, mid-century modern aesthetics of the postwar boom. One of the easiest ways to see the era is by watching movies (Turner Classic is great for this). It's a lost world in Technicolor.

Here's some grabs of "Hughes Market" and "Bennys Drive In" from "Bachelor in Paradise" (1961) starring Bob Hope, and Lana Turner.

Bennys Drive In (couldn't find any info online about the place)

Hughes Market in LA (Supermarket chain)

It's a fun, light comedy. It's not on DVD, but Turner Classic usually airs it every couple of months or so.



Sunchicken.com said...

Hey man I like alot of this stuff you've got up here. Its good to know the 80's live on in the hearts of children everywhere. I sometimes refer back to the old days when my age was a single digit.

Later Days

doug said...

WOW - gorgeous caps! I'm in paradise!

- doug