Thursday, March 6, 2008

Revenge of the Ads PREVIEW

I've worked up the next round of old ads that will be accompanying various posts on some dead retailers like TG&Y, VENTURE and GIBSON'S; vintage toy ads, and other pointless nostalgia.
I've also wrangled up some mid-80s local Oklahoma City TV listings, so expect a follow up to the UHF memories post.
And, now... a sneak peak at some sexy old ads.

Kiddie City, 1972

Star Wars at Target, 1978

TG&Y, Christmas 1981 (I think)

Coleco Vision at Sound Warehouse, late 70s

ECKERD Drugs Christmas ad, mid 80s


Lady Jaye said...

Oh, and the Colecovision ad cannot be from the late 70s, as the console came out in 1982...

It's most likely from spring 1983. The console and the Atari expansion module came out in August 1982.

Jay Amabile said...

amazing! I had a Kiddie City near me when i was a kid